Hi there! I’m Omar! and I’m a game developer and game designer with experience in many areas of the game industry. Those range from game play programming to game design and VFX.

I started on the industry as a computer science instructor in 2012. I enjoyed teaching fresh students the fundamentals of computer sciences. After three months my military duty forced me to leave teaching at the academy and enroll for the military till last of 2013, I made simple projects in my unit to refresh my knowledge in programming.

As the military duty ended, my real career path started to rise!. In the first of 2014 i joined a software development company in Cairo – Fixed Solutions. I started as a junior game developer as my responsibilities was to implement different kind of interactive applications ranging from games to VR/AR using Unity game engine. At this company i learned a lot of things beside game programming which made me capable of looking to the problems form different perspectives, as it was a web solutions company i touched a lot of the web development techniques and technologies, I even promoted to a team leader for a VR and AR project called VR Smart City Application for Dubai’s government, The project had two parts, virtual reality part and augmented reality, after a while i became responsible for the whole development process as most of the development team left the company due to problems with the product owner.

In 2016 I joined a web development company – Nile code as part time to work on a strategy game called World War Warriors. I helped the company in the penalty clauses as the game release date has crossed 8 months. Among my responsibilities were to implement game play, animations, UI design, etc..

By the end of 2016, I realized the importance of working in a game studio so i joined the amazing Gimzat startup and that was a turning point my professional career. Joining the startup company wasn’t the thing that changed my career but the interview! yes the interview was hard and very diverse that it touched a lot of the game development areas, I passed the interview but i realized the importance of continues preparing for general programming and problem solving skills.

After spending some time with Gimzat the studio has shut down, then i joined a Saudi company called Tantumsoft  in the start of 2018 to work on smart applications using Unity game engine. I still have this great passion of simply doing something great in games development industry, and i will!